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custom vans creator

Great quality and perfect fit for my huge head. I will be ordering another pair to keep in our other vehicle.
Quality glasses. Look and feel awesome
Nice lightweight robes. Took a chance on what patterns we would receive. You dont get to choose but both were nice. Great value.
Looks great works well
Very comfortable
Light weight, cotton blend (I think). So far, good for running and weightlifting. Do not get all soaky wet with sweat. Nice green and rusty orange colors. Great price. Thanks.
As someone who has tried at least 7 designer briefs and even more of the popular brands I'd have to say these Calvin Kleins are right there towards the top of my list. I love the quality cotton, the breathe ability , and a perfect amount of elasticity. Form fitting and comfort make these a winner.
The smell of this bag is absolutely horrible! To the point where I dont want it in my house. I will be sending this bag back ASAP
Buy one or two sizes smaller
As with all of the Champion items I have purchased in the past, they exceed my expectations. They fit properly, they are comfortable.
good product
This necklace is amazingly pretty. I make a lot of my own jewelry and debated whether to buy this or make one, but this is totally worth the money. I will be wearing this a lot this holiday season!
Like the hat. Very functional, comfortable, and practical.
My boyfriend has these socks and I hes worn them for years. Were both runners and these socks are great for active people and dont wear out easily. Nice and cushiony too.
A little thinner than I was hoping for, and therefore a little less durable; still, pretty comfortable and reasonably priced.
I honestly didnt expect this incredible quality and sturdiness! The size is great, and I can tell the craft work that went into this bag is thoughtful and very skilled. I really appreciated the beautiful bag it was wrapped in and the letter than came with it as well that tells you how to care for it as well as more about the maker and seller. Great touch!
The hardware looks sturdy and the straps well attached so I dont expect any mishaps while I travel.
Im definitely going to invest in more pieces from this collection!
After less than 6 months with moderate use it broke.
I love them they fit very well and comfortable
I carry my money and cards in it
Just what my husband needed for his work pants, great quality
Ive bought about 6 different belt clip keychains over the last month and this is the only one Ive liked. All the others would pinch my love handles one way or another lol this one has been really comfortable to wear and seems well made.
I bought this for myself and loved it. I have 4 daughters and they loved it also. I will be buying more with their birthstones!!
Not nearly as nice as the brown version of same belt. This leather feels cheap and dinky...but it holds my pants up. To be fair though, my pants stay up without a belt as well.
1980's called and they want their shorts back. I had to purchase these for training I was doing. They are comfortable however not very stylish.
Love the type of adjustable buckle on this dad hat and the minimal logo. All for a great price! Same quality as adidas and Nike. Fits perfectly.